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Collection: Guide to Getting Started

Should I get a cat? Am I ready right now? How do I find the right cat for me? What do I need for my new cat? How do I make my home cat-friendly? How do I help my new cat adjust?

This series covers each stage of the process of getting started, from deciding if you should get a cat, to the first weeks after you’ve brought one home.

Collection: Guide to Cat Behavior

This series launched in January 2024 with articles about training and the indoor-outdoor dilemma.

As we build it out, it will eventually include information about play, common behavior issues, socialization, aging cats, and more.

Featured Articles

Future VerveCat Content launched in Fall 2023. We are always adding more pages and informational articles. The site will eventually include the following categories…

Gray cat curled up in a circle with eyes open.

Health & Development

Brown tabby cat peeking out from under a grey blanket, with only her face and four paws showing.

Food & Litter

Black cat relaxing in the sun with front legs extended over the edge of a carpeted cat tree next to a window.

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VerveCat was inspired by David’s journey of fostering a litter of week-old kittens rescued from a warehouse in Central California. Most of the images featured on this site are of the three that he adopted from that litter – click below to meet them and read the full story. launched in Fall 2023. Initial articles are focused around the foundations of getting started with a new kitten or cat. More pages and helpful content are constantly being added as we build the site into a comprehensive source of information, resources, and reviews for every part of feline companionship.