39 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Yeah, I’m saying it. Cats make better pets than dogs. Or at least there are 39 ways they’re better than dogs.

Don’t get me wrong – I love dogs, too. I think they’re truly wonderful pets and companions. In sooo many ways.

But I digress.

Cat standing inside a cabinet over stacked dinner plates, looking out innocently

This article is all about the reasons why cats are better. Of course, these are generalizations and I acknowledge up front that there can be exceptions for several of the things on the list.

How are cats better than dogs?

Let us count the ways, shall we?!

  1. Cats purr. Purring is calming and fascinating. Kind of magical, even. Few things in life are as comforting as a purring cat curled up on your lap.
  2. Cats generally live longer than dogs. When you love a pet with all your heart, longer is better.
  3. Cats have a smaller impact on the environment than dogs. They’re both obligate carnivores, but cats typically eat a lot less meat than dogs, especially big dogs.
  4. Your hands don’t feel grimy after petting a cat. Cats generally keep themselves pretty clean.
  5. Although they do need exercise and interaction, cats don’t need to be walked or taken outside on a rigid schedule like dogs do. This gives you flexibility if you work full-time and are gone all day.
  6. Cats are lower maintenance overall compared to dogs. Most of the time.
  7. Cats are quieter than dogs. And they are unlikely to make noise that disturbs the neighbors. But a hungry cat can be pretty vocal when it’s past mealtime.
  8. Cats require less training and less expensive training. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn about how to train your cat.
  9. Cats are typically cheaper to feed than dogs. Of course this varies a bit depending on the size of the dog.
  10. Cats are easier on floors than dogs. That is, as long as you’ve got the litter box training and maintenance dialed in.
  11. Cats are typically cheaper to care for overall compared to dogs. Especially for indoor cats, trips to the vet tend to be less frequent and less expensive.
  12. Cats have less potential for needing unexpected and expensive veterinary care. Dogs are more prone to things like ticks, foxtails lodged in the wrong places, and random injuries.
  13. Cats don’t need constant parasite maintenance and medications, like a lot of dogs do. Especially when they’re kept as indoor-only cats.
  14. Cats know how to use their own indoor bathroom. You have to take dogs outside for that, and they will do it on your floor if you don’t.
  15. Cats can tolerate being alone for longer periods of time than dogs can. This means you can be gone for longer periods of time.
  16. Cats are less accident prone than dogs. This one might be close though – cats are not exactly accident-free.
  17. Cats don’t make your car stink. Dog cars can be pretty stinky.
  18. Cats are better for cuddling. Dogs are great too, but they’re bony and pointy. And stinky. And they slobber.
  19. Cats keep themselves cleaner than dogs. You still need to brush them and possibly give the occasional bath.
  20. Cats require less grooming than dogs. But some long-haired cats can give dogs a run for their money.
  21. Cats can be kept as strictly indoor pets, simplifying life. That won’t work for even small dogs.
  22. Cats don’t slobber. But some of them drool when they purr. Not that I would publicly name my own cat for such behavior. (Gandalf)
  23. Cats are less destructive to your house. I do understand your request to place an asterisk next to this one if your cat has managed to pull the curtain rod out of the wall, smash your favorite potted plant to the floor, and shatter your family heirloom vase to tiny bits, all in one amazing act of crazy.
  24. Cats are not at all destructive to your car. As long as you don’t keep your cat in your car. Just so we’re clear, please don’t keep your cat in your car.
  25. Cats won’t destroy your yard or garden if you leave them outside unattended. However, they might poop in your garden beds. Though there are things you can do to keep that from happening.
  26. Cats are easier to take care of at the end of their lives. It’s not easy, don’t get me wrong. But I’m taking care of a geriatric dog as I write this, and it’s kinda brutal.
  27. Your hands don’t stink after you pet a cat. Dogs’ coats, on the other hand, can get really dirty and stinky.
  28. Pet insurance is cheaper for cats. And it can pay off if something expensive happens with your cat’s health.
  29. Cats are more agile for indoor play and entertainment value . But, you say, I love being able to play fetch with my dog while I lay on the sofa. Well allow me to introduce you to Phoebe, the fetching cat.
  30. You have more options for creative interior design with cat furniture compared to dog furniture. This can be dangerous though – there’s some really cool stuff out there that can cost a pretty penny.
  31. Sleeping in is easier with cats. Especially true if you set up a designated cat room where the cat always stays at night. With a dog, if you don’t get up at a certain time, you may find yourself wiping up pee and poop as you sip your coffee.
  32. Cats are less injury prone than dogs. But cats will attempt some pretty crazy jumps if the temptation is there. And they don’t necessarily always land it.
  33. Cats are typically easier to find care for when you’re out of town, because they don’t need to be walked twice a day.
  34. Cats are also cheaper to provide care for when you’re out of town, because they don’t need to be walked twice a day.
  35. Cats have retained many fascinating traits of their big cat relatives like pumas and tigers. These are on display during play in your own living room. Behold! The mighty house cat stalks its prey (wad of paper).
  36. Cats don’t leave landmines in your yard. No matter how good you are about cleaning up after your dog, there’s always the chance of that one turd you missed that you end up stepping on as you cross the yard.
  37. Cleaning a litterbox with a scoop a few times per week is less unpleasant than picking up steaming dog poop with your hand multiple times a day. Steaming poop. In your hand.
  38. Hiking without a bag of dog poop in your hand is nicer than hiking with a bag of dog poop in your hand. And yes, I’m well aware, hiking with a dog is otherwise very awesome. Side note: Some people manage to train their cats to hike with them! So cool.
  39. Cats can keep your home rodent and pest-free. One of mine even eats spiders.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. I’m not saying that dogs aren’t great pets, too. I’m just saying that there are a lot of ways that cats are better than dogs.

To be sure though, for some people – whether it’s because of personality, lifestyle, or cat allergies – dogs are decidedly better.

And for those dog owners out there who just don’t know the beauty of cat companionship yet, I say perhaps you should really have a dog AND a cat!

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